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16 oz. (1 lb.) block

Organic criollo cacao

*Choose from two varieties, Mama Amor, or Ullulawl




Flavor Profile: fruity & acidic, nutty, caramel, cherry notes, semi-bitter


Grown in the Suchitepequez mountanous region of Guatemala. During Pre-Columbian times, this region in the Pacific front held the largest area of cacao forests in Central America. The land is owned by 6 families.


Mama Amor is managed by a woman's collective called Nuevo Amanecer, meaning new dawn. The collective was created by Odilia in 2013 to support the women in her community, providing them with abundance and stability.


Fermentation: 5 days

Altitude: 550 m

Land Specifics: rivers, deep soil with old trees, ancient plantation, fruit forest gardens, flat land





Flavor Profile: balanced, mocha, light fruits, smooth vanilla notes, hint of citrus, creamy


Grown in the mountain side valley of Alta Verapaz in Guatemala, close to the famous waterfalls of Semuc Champey. 


Blend of local hybrid criollo cacao, highly aromatic. 


Ullulawl is grown by 60 local Q'eqchi families organized into a cooperative, managed by a regenerative center. The center, named Tuqtuquilal promotes community development through artisan production, organic agriculture, ecotourism and community education.  

Ullulawl beans are then hand processed and fire roasted by a Mayan Women's Collective in lake Atitlan.


Fermentation: 9 days

Altitude: 300m

Land Specifics: cacao & fruit forest, small villages on mountainside valley, surrounded by wilderness

Guatemalan Cacao (16 oz.)

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